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Shah, M., Funnell, A.P., Quinlan, K.G. and Crossley, M.

2019 Hit and Run Transcriptional Repressors Are Difficult to Catch in the Act

Martyn, G. E., Wienert, B., Kurita, R., Nakamura, Y., Quinlan, K. G., & Crossley, M.

2019 A natural regulatory mutation in the proximal promoter elevates fetal globin expression by creating a de novo GATA1 site

Artuz CM, Knights AJ, Funnell APW, Gonda TJ, Ravid K, Pearson RCM, Quinlan KGR, Crossley M.

2018 Partial reprogramming of heterologous cells by defined factors to generate megakaryocyte lineage-restricted biomolecules

Wienert B, Martyn GE, Funnell APW, Quinlan KGR, Crossley M.

2018 Wake-up Sleepy Gene: Reactivating Fetal Globin for β-Hemoglobinopathies

Knights AJ, Vohralik EJ, Hoehn KL, Crossley M, Quinlan KGR

2018 Defining Eosinophil Function in Adiposity and Weight Loss

Martyn, G.E., Wienert, B., Yang, L., Shah, M., Norton, L.J., Burdach, J., Kurita, R., Nakamura, Y., Pearson, R.C.M., Funnell, A.P.W., Quinlan, K.G.R. and Crossley, M.

2018 Natural regulatory mutations elevate the fetal globin gene via disruption of BCL11A or ZBTB7A binding

Yik J.J., Crossley M., Quinlan K.G.R.

2017 Genome Editing of Erythroid Cell Culture Model Systems

Hamey, J.J., Wienert, B., Quinlan, K.G. and Wilkins, M.R.

2017 METTL21B is a novel human lysine methyltransferase of translation elongation factor 1A: discovery by CRISPR/Cas9 knock out

Wienert, B., Martyn, G. E., Kurita, R., Nakamura, Y., Quinlan, K. G. R., & Crossley, M.

2017 KLF1 drives the expression of fetal hemoglobin in British HPFH

Norton, L. J., Hallal, S., Stout, E. S., Funnell, A. P. W., Pearson, R. C. M., Crossley, M., & Quinlan, K. G. R. 

2017 Direct competition between DNA binding factors highlights the role of Krüppel-like Factor 1 in the erythroid/megakaryocyte switch